I’ve Been Told I Need An Amputation And I’m Curious About A Prosthesis. How Do They Work, And What Will It Look Like?

Every prosthetic limb is different. They are custom-made for your body, depending on your level of amputation, your specific needs, as well as your physical abilities. You will work closely with a prosthetist, who will make recommendations for your limb based on your needs. Ideally, the prosthesis will be an extension of your body.

Normally, a standard prosthesis is made out of standard component parts, which are connected to a socket which fits over your residual limb. There is an extra layer, which is called a liner, which fits over the residual limb and serves as a barrier between the skin and the socket. Liners can not only make the limb more comfortable, but also provide a better fit. The biggest cause of discomfort for most amputees is a poor socket fit.

Prostheses can look any way the amputees wish them to. They can be standard, mechanical looking devices, or can be outfitted with cosmetic covers that can make them look like natural limbs. The limbs can also be personalized with the amputee’s favorite color or pattern.

Unfortunately, in many cases insurance companies make it difficult for amputees to receive the prosthetics they need. The insurance companies often act in bad faith in denying coverage for prostheses even though the insured are entitled to receive them under the terms of the policy. Call me, Amputation Attorney Conal Doyle at 310-385-0567 if you have any questions about your insurance coverage. I am an amputee as well as a personal injury attorney, and I help other amputees obtain the insurance coverage to which they are entitled.