$13.3 Million Settlement Medical Malpractice-Quadrilateral Amputation

Conal Doyle was lead trial counsel in this medical malpractice case that settled in March 2015. The plaintiff went into septic shock after she received inadequate treatment for a urinary tract infection and kidney stone obstruction. As a result, all four of her limbs were amputated. This case was governed by MICRA, the California law that limits non-economic damages to $250,000 for “pain and suffering.” Consequently, the settlement amount represented the cost of future medical care and was one of the largest actual recoveries by a medical malpractice plaintiff in California history. Conal Doyle used his intimate knowledge of prosthetics to ensure that the future Life Care Plan represented full and fair compensation for the plaintiff.

Medical Malpractice — Leg Amputation $2,400,000 Settlement (Georgia 2007)

Conal Doyle obtained a $2.4 Million dollar recovery on behalf of a 33 year old man who broke his leg playing baseball and had it amputated at the knee two weeks later due to the defendants’ failure to timely diagnose and treat Compartment Syndrome. Conal Doyle was lead counsel on this Georgia case, which resolved three weeks prior to trial after almost two years of litigation, which included more than forty depositions. The value of the case was constrained by the two million dollar insurance policy limits of the target defendant and a conservative jurisdiction. The firm spent more than $100,000 in case costs in prosecuting this case.

Leg Amputation Confidential Structured Settlement (North Carolina 2007)

Conal Doyle obtained a settlement on behalf of a 5 year old girl whose leg was amputated below the knee after she was backed over by a riding lawnmower. The Firm alleged that the mower was defectively designed as it did not have a safety mechanism to prevent the mower from mowing in reverse. The confidential settlement was reached with the lawnmower manufacturer and the plaintiff’s uncle, who was riding the lawnmower. The Firm was able to negotiate a structured settlement that provides for a lifetime recovery of several million dollars.

Medical Malpractice/Products Liability — Leg Amputation $2,175,000 Settlement (California 2011)

Conal Doyle and Jody Moore, Law Offices of Jody Moore, obtained a recovery on behalf of a 61 year old woman whose leg was amputated below the knee due to medical negligence and products liability. The plaintiff consented to amputation of her leg because she was erroneously told she had cancer due to an error in the hospital information technology system. Plaintiff brought both medical negligence and products liability claims, and obtained pre-trial rulings that MICRA’s cap on damages did not apply to the hospital defendants. The plaintiff had no claim for future lost wages. Mr. Doyle was retained to act as trial counsel after the case was originally brought and worked up by Ms. Moore.