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If You’ve Lost A Limb In A Motorcycle Accident, You Have Help — And You Have Options

Many people, unfortunately, have a misleading image of motorcycles. They think of them as dangerous and unpredictable. The truth is that bikes are a safe and legal means of transport, and riders have every right that the rules of the road give to cars. But many automobile drivers completely overlook motorcycle riders and negligently collide with them.

If you’ve suffered an amputation as a result of a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, then you have the right to compensation.

The law firm of Doyle Law can help you with your case, ensuring that the opposition, and the insurance company, can’t use the negative image of a motorcyclist against you. We have full knowledge of our accident laws. And — more importantly — one of our founders, Conal Doyle, is himself an amputee. We understand the difficult road ahead of you, and we’ll make sure you have the compensation needed to travel down it.

We have a wide variety of experience with motorcycle accidents, including:

  • The most common causes of car vs. motorcycle accidents, such as a car making a left-hand turn in front of a bike
  • Accidents caused by lane issues, such as sharing/splitting the lane, or when an automobile changes lanes without looking
  • Issues with the road not being up to proper safety standards, with such hazards as potholes, debris that has not been removed in a timely fashion, etc.
  • What the opposition will say if you had to lay your bike down in order to protect yourself, or anything else they could possibly use to say you overreacted or were otherwise negligent
  • And much more

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Because of our unique experience with amputation, we understand the financial and psychological stresses that this kind of injury causes you. We can accurately gauge what your rehabilitation is going to cost, and we won’t stop until we’ve gotten you the necessary compensation. Contact Doyle Law today, and we’ll help you start the process of recovery.

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